$15 per person until October 1, 2013

$25 per person after October 1, 2013

The Battle of Fort Sanders

Unit Registration Form

Primary Unit Contact:

Name: ___________________________ Unit:______________________________

Rank/Position: __________________

Mailing Address: ___________________________________

Phone Number: (Day) _________________________

(Night) ________________________

E Mail:____________________________________________

Type of Unit: ____ Union ____ Confederate.

___ Infantry ____ Cavalry ____ Artillery ____ Medical ___ Other:

Participant Listing: List ALL Military and Civilians as well as children (under age 12

years). (Please use back of form for additional listings.)

1. ______________________ 13. ________________________

2. ______________________ 14. ________________________

3. ______________________ 15. ________________________

4. ______________________ 16. ________________________

5. ______________________ 17. ________________________

6. ______________________ 18. ________________________

7. ______________________ 19. ________________________

8. ______________________ 20. ________________________

9. ______________________ 21. ________________________

10. _____________________ 22. ________________________

11. _____________________ 23. ________________________

12. _____________________ 24. ________________________

Tents (Number and Size)

____ Wall ____ Fly ____ “A” ___ Pup (Dog) ___ Other: _________

Provide the number of participant’s available to support Thursday’s Education Day (9 AM to 2PM).

You may print this form and send with payment to:

The Battle of Fort Sanders

6704 Circle Road

Corryton, Tennessee  37721

Participant Guidelines

Professional behavior  and courteous appearance are required throughout the weekend of The Battle of Fort Sanders Re-enactment. Those acting in a non-professional and/or non-courteous manner will be asked to leave the event site.

Each unit commander is responsible for the conduct and behavior of any individual within their unit structure or under their command (civilians and children included). Each commander is also required to insure that all participants under their command are aware of the contents of these "Guidelines."

The Battle of Fort Sanders committee has the exclusive right and privilege to make any judgements or determinations regarding any aspect of The Battle of Fort Sanders Re-enactment.

Any participant in The Battle of Fort Sanders Re-enactment does so voluntarily and guarantees that he/she is fully aware of the hazards of military re-enacting and assumes all risk of injury therein, and promises his/her full compliance with all the laws of the state of Tennessee and these Regulations/Guidelines. Participants shall indemnify and hold harmless the organizers and their families and  and their successors, assigns, agents, officials, and any other entity from any special, punitive, incidental, exemplary, or consequential damages, claims, suits, or causes of action resulting from any event, whether in contract, warranty, tort (including without limitation negligence) strict liability or otherwise involving or arising from The Battle of Fort Sanders Re-enactment.

Any individual by participating in any activity involving The Battle of Fort Sanders Reenactment has, by such actions, agreed to all terms and conditions set forth by this document.

Historical Accuracy

All Participants

Impression of this event shall reflect the 1863 Western theatre veteran. Exceptions may be made for the EDUCATION or BENEFIT of the public.

- No shotguns or civilian weapons permitted. (Unless properly documented.)

- Clothing shall be of correct common period military or civilian design, and made of natural fiber. Cowboy boots, Indian clothing, buckskins, synthetics, and other intrusions (unless it is part of an approved civilian impression) cannot be allowed. Any uniform trim must be correct to the branch depicted.

- Wristwatches, post 1865 jewelry (other than wedding bands), sunglasses, obviously modern eyeglasses, or other displays detrimental to the 1863 impression will not be worn in public display.

- Beverages must be consumed from a period container. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted out of your immediate camp area. And then, only after the event site is closed to the public.

- Uniform coat, for military participants, shall be worn while on duty or out of your immediate camp area. Military participants shall maintain good appearance while out of their immediate camp.

- The minimum age to participate in any military activity is sixteen (16) years old. Military activity is defined as carrying and/or firing or attempting to fire a weapon during the re-enactment scenarios.  No one under 16 years of age is allowed to enter the ditch that surrounds Fort Sanders.  Those participants under the age of eighteen (18) must be accompanied by a legal guardian, or possess documentation, satisfactory to The Battle of Fort Sanders organization. 


- All Infantry soldiers will have a two band or three band military percussion musket or rifled musket. Only Federal Infantry units designated by the Federal Commander may carry a repeating rifle.

- All accouterments and related equipment will be of the common and correct military style designated for Infantry.

- Pistols - only one allowed per officer, non-commissioned officer, or color bearer.

- Unit Colors - the use of unit colors will be limited on the field to reflect historical accuracy. All units are expected to cooperate with the realistic display of colors on the field. No child under 14 will be permitted to serve as a color bearer. 


- Each piece must be a single barrel cannon fieldpiece of common Civil War design, usage and scale.

- Each piece MUST be operated by at least four qualified gunners, under the command of a competent and experienced commander.

- Each field piece MUST pass inspection, by the Artillery Commander, this in the interest of safety and historical accuracy.

Mounted Forces

-Mounted Confederate forces must portray commanding officer staff, couriers or artillery transport.  There were no Confederate cavalry forces engaged or present at the Battle of Fort Sanders.

-No sword play or horseback attacks are allowed.

- A current (within one year) Negative EIA (Coggins) test certification is required on each horse.

- Up to date immunizations and physical for each horse is highly recommended.

- No Stallions are allowed.

- Members of cavalry organizations that do not bring a horse will be assigned to the Dismounted Cavalry detachment under the command of the force designated Cavalry Commander. The dismounted troops will camp, drill, and fight with the mounted cavalry contingent they are assigned to. No sabers will be utilized by these troops and if equipped with pistols, they may only be drawn and utilized under the direct command of their officers.

  1. -All equipment and horse tack MUST be of period material and construction and appropriate to the cavalry force participant is assigned to.

  2. -- Horses shall not be taken through any non-cavalry camp without the permission of that camp. All horses will be kept at a walk while near any camp, unless a specific scenario requires a faster gait.

- Horse will be kept out of the Sutler/Vendor area as well as any other area specifically designated.


- NO PETS ALLOWED!!! Horses and Mules are not considered pets.

- The event site is privately owned. Participants and spectators alike are expected to respect the wishes of the land owners throughout the weekend. All participants, please, keep their areas clean and tidy. Place all trash in an appropriate area or container.

- Authentic camping will be done in designated areas only and according to the officer assigned to administer the military camp areas. No modern items are to be visible in the authentic camps from 0830 through 1700 (5 PM) daily when the camps are open to the public.. Vehicular traffic through the event site will also be suspended from) 8:00 through 14:00 (2 PM) on Friday during the Education Day Activities. Alternate means of transportation of equipment will be made during the period where vehicular traffic through the camps is suspended.

- Parking will be permitted in only in designated areas. Violators will be towed at their owner’s expense.


  1. -At the first Officer’s Call at 0900 on Saturday Morning, all Union and Confederate commanders are expected to attend and identify the units participating in The Battle of Fort Sanders Re-enactment. Only those units identified and assigned within the overall organizational structure will be allowed to take the field.

  2. -- Unit Commanders will insure that Roll Call is taken each morning as they are responsible for the efficiency of their commands.

- Each branch (Artillery, Cavalry, and Infantry) will be required to furnish an Officer of the Day and other support personnel for their respective commands.

- Registration is required for everyone. Each registrant is required to wear the appropriate Participant Identification (provided at the time of sign in) throughout the weekend.  If an individual is found to be without their identification they will be escorted to registration where they will pay a registration fee of $15.00, or they will be escorted off the site. Compliance to this item is Mandatory for participation at this event. Each participant is required to read and sign a waiver of liability statement releasing the sponsors, contributors and host of any and all liability or warranty.

- Registration will start on Thursday at 12:00 (Noon) and will end at Sunday at 12:00 (Noon).